Friday, July 30, 2010

Calbayog launches the Tri-District Program

The City Government officially launched the Tri-District (3-D) Development Program Today. The event which was preceded by a motorcade was held at the Calbayog City Sports Center. Invited to the event were the Punong Barangays from the 157 barangays of Calbayog.

Mayor Reynaldo Uy officially launched the program. In his message before the crowd which also included the various Department Managers and city stakeholders, he enumerated some points from his Executive Order which re-launched the 3-D Program. He informed all present that the 3-D slogan is DETERMINASYON: DALAN sa DAYUN nga kauswagan. The 3-D battle-cry is LET’S HELP-Calbayog City. It is an acronym which reads L for legislative; E for executive, T & S for total support; H for health and humanitarian concerns; E for education, culture and the arts, environment, eco-tourism, energy and communication empowerment in governance; L for livelihood, land and housing; P for projects, production, peace and order, population development and partnerships

The Executive Directors of the various 3-D program components were on hand to give their respective presentations. They were Mr. Ruben Adona, Mr. Francisco Baldo, Mr. Justino Arnejo, Engr. Rafaelito Serrano, Dr. Teodoro Fortaleza and Ms. Rosario Gonzaga

The 3-D Program in a way divides Calbayog into four districts through its four components namely Oquendo Key Program for Revitalization, Sustainability and Services (OK-PROGRESS) for Oquendo District, Tinambacan Upliftment of Socio-Economic Conditions (TUSEC) for Tinambacan District and Seven Hills Happy Valley Alleviation and Road Program (SHARP) and Calbayog Urbanization Program and Services (CUPS) for Calbayog District.

More fine-tuning and updating are set for the program. Its implementation will include Database Establishment and Data Gathering, Identification of Problems and Solutions to include Feasibility Studies, Strong Support, Determined Executive Action, AND People’s Participation.

The 3-D program components and its respective programs are as follows:

- Health (Hospital, Medicines, Nutrition, Mother and Child Health Care)

- Education (School Bus, Scholarship, High School, Teachers, Classrooms, non-formal adult education and responsible parenting classes)

- Infrastructure (Power / Communication, Roads, Water, Irrigation, Warehouse, Solar Dryer, School Buildings, Mini Hospitals with Health Centers, Training / Demo Centers, Sports Facilities, Drainage, Intermodal Transport system)

- Agriculture (Grains, Coconut, Abaca, Rootcrops, Cash Crops, Vegetable, Aquaculture, Horticulture)

- Livestock (Pig Production / Fattening / Dispersal, Cow Production / Fattening / Dispersal, Carabao Production / Fattening / Dispersal, Goats Production / Fattening / Dispersal)

- Industries / SMEs (Food processing, Handicraft, Furniture, Ceramics)

- Power (Hydro-electric project)

- Environment (Anti-illegal logging, Anti-illegal quarrying, Reforestation)

- Peace and Order (Programs/ Drives against: Illegal gambling, Prostitution / Recruitment, Illegal Drugs, Illegal Fishing, Illegal Logging, Illegal Quarrying, Juvenile Delinquency)

- Disaster Preparedness

- Eco-Toursim

- Housing

- Arts and Culture

- Youth

- Intangibles (Moral Recovery, Capability Building, Administrative Reforms)

- Integral Components namely Gender and Development and Population and Development.

As part of the implementation of this undoubtedly big program, three planning workshop session for the punong barangay for all three districts of Calbayog has been scheduled.

(my apologies for the few pictures posted. I took videos of the event and I'm having a hard time uploading these in my blogposts)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today with Mayor Uy

As with the previous days after he assumed office, a good number of callers with various concerns were on hand to meet with Mayor Reynaldo Uy.

Mayor Reynaldo Uy with (r-l) Dr. Alejandro Catalan, Mr. George Castro, Ms. Zenaida Balza and Mr. Jesus Cabili.

Among the groups that Mayor Uy met today were the officers of the Senior Citizens Federation of Calbayog City. The group was on hand to personally hand-over the plaque of appreciation which the National Senior Citizens Federation gave to Mayor Uy for his effort (while he was a Congressman) for the passage of RA 9994 or the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010.

Mayor Uy also presided over a special (emergency) meeting of the City Peace and Order Council (CPOC). The said meeting was held at the office of DILG City Director Valente Bajet. The main agenda of the meeting was the solution to the problem brought by the bandits that terrorized Barangay Migara.

Mayor Uy also took time to be at the City Cooperatives Office where he delivered a message during the oath-taking ceremony of the newly-elected officers of the Calbayog City Cooperative Development Organization.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Medical Mission sa Barangay Tanval

Guinbuhat sadto nga nakalabay nga Sabado an usa nga Medical Mission sa Barangay Tanval. Ini matapos makakarawat san report an City Health Office mahitungod san mga measles cases sa nasabi nga Barangay. An medical team mao an nagtambal san 10 active measles cases, 15 nga vaccination ug naghatag san medical service ngadto san sobra 40 nga mga pasyente.

An mga empleyado san City Health Office nga kaapi san Tanval medical team mao sira Dr. Genaly Romano, Dr. Zandro Daguman, Anna Liza Gomez, Jessica Jao, Grace Campos, Sandra Candidato, Vivian Jumagdao, Roberto Bracamonte, Felipe Ignacio, Ramil Catalan, Leo Cabanatan, Joseph Von Catorce, Ito Lunas ug si Eunice Paulino.

An Barangay Tanval ada nahihimutang sa Seven Hills area san distrito san Calbayog. Para sini nga misyonm, an medical team mao an nagsakay san CHO service vehicle tubtub sa "Tagungtong" usa nga lugar lahus san Barangay San Jose ug may-ada mga 19 kilometros nga distansya tikang sa Calbayog City proper. Ngan tikang sa "Tagungtong" nagbaktas sira sin mga 3 oras sa Barangay Tanval.

Medical MIssion sa Barangay Migara

Katapus san guin buhat nga People's Day sa Barangay Migara sadto nga Sabado, guinbuhat an usa nga Medical Mission mao nga Barangay. An nasabi nga medical mission guin pangunahan san City Health Office nga si Dr. Sylvia De Guzman. Ug kaupod niya sira Dr. Christopher Corsiga, Dr. Letecia Aguilar, ug iba pa nga mga empleyado san City Health Office.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

CPOC meeting ug People's Day sa Barangay Migara

Guin buhat kakulop san aga an usa nga special CPOC meeting sugad man People's Day sa Barangay Migara. Usa san katuyu-anan san nasabi nga meeting nga guin pangunahan ni Mayor Reynaldo Uy mao an pamiling pa-agi pag-solver san presente nga problema san Migara nga may kalabtanan kaparte san paz y orden.

Atun mahihunumduman san blog post sadto nga petsa 20 san Hulyo, usa nga emergency CPOC meeting an guinpatawag ni Mayor Uy katapos san nahitabo nga pusilay sa butnga san pipira nga miembro san PNP Calbayog ug si Lito Abajo nga usa nga murder suspect.

Pina-agi san pulong-pulong i-guin padangat san mga opisyales san nasabi nga barangay an ira mga sentimiento sugad man an nahibabaru-an mahitungod san panhitabo.

Si Mayor Reynaldo Uy kaupod sira Konsehal Danny Bernate, Vice Mayor Ronaldo Aquino, DILG City Director Valente Bajet, P1 Rolando Diaz ug si PSupt Nestor Valenzuela.

Presente san nasabi ngakatitirok sira Vice Mayor Ronald Aquino ug an pipira nga miembro san konseho nga sira Konsehal Danny Bernate, Konsehal Mon Uy, Konsehal Sonny Salurio, Konsehal Onx Montealto, Konsehal Charlie Boy Coñejos, Konsehal Jim Uy, Konsehal Ver Porlares, Konsehal Ronald Mark Aquino, Konsehal Arturo Pasacas ug sugad man si Board Member Charlie Coñejos. Kaupod guihapon nira an pipira nga mga Department Managers.

An pipira san mga opisyales ug lumulupyo san Migara san ira pagpadangat san ira mga ideya durante san guin buhat nga pulong-pulong.

Si Mr. Crisanto Pacho, an Principal san Migara Elementary School.

An espesyal nga komitiba nga guin aapihan san mga opisyales san ciudad sugad man san Barangay Migara ug san pipira nga miembro san CPOC antes san ira meeting agud makabiling paagi pag solber san presente nga problema kaparte san paz y orden sa nasabi nga barangay.

(Photos courtesy of Joel Lagang /CTIO)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Calbayog City fights Dengue

Mayor Reynaldo Uy as he delivered his message during yesterday's Anti-Dengue Day Program. (Photo by Henry Puyat)

Calbayog City – Mayor Reynaldo Uy on Friday spearheaded the City Government’s IWAS DENGUE Clean-Up Drive / Anti Dengue Days Program. The activity was launched through a simple program at the City Hall stage yesterday morning. Present were the SP members led by Vice Mayor Ronaldo Aquino, and the LGU employees led by their respective Department Managers.

The activity came to be by virtue of Executive Order No. 2 which Mayor Uy signed on July 22, 2010. EO 2 declared July 23 to 24, 2010 as “Iwas Dengue Days” in Calbayog City.

The Iwas Dengue Days Program is being spearheaded by the Tri-District Development Program Office and the City Health Office (CHO). It includes a simultaneous cleanup and information drive in all the barangays in the city. It is aimed at eradicating mosquitoes and preventing the spread of the dengue virus. It will be done simultaneously so that dislocated mosquitoes won’t transfer to other barangays when their domicile and breeding places in one barangay is disturbed.

The various Department Managers and their employees were assigned one barangay each. They will visit their assigned barangay / school, coordinate with the barangay / school officials and put in place the following basic or simple activities:

- Encourage residents/ students to clean their houses/classrooms & surrounding/ school campus.

- Look for stagnant water and throw these away.

- Discard empty containers so that it will not catch water when it rains.

- Turn empty bottles upside down so that it will not catch water.

- Unclog canals if necessary.

- Conduct information dissemination through for a “pulong-pulong”, “bandillo” and / or distribution of leaflets and other reading materials.

- Immediately report to the CHO suspected dengue cases.

On the other hand, the CHO will do the following:

- Get samples of larvae from barangays to determine the presence of larvae-carrying mosquitoes

- Treat with larvaecides canals and stagnant water which cannot be drained, spilled or thrown out

- Conduct information drive in the barangays

- Reproduce and provide leaflets and other reading materials on the dengue prevention, symptoms, and on what to do with suspect dengue victims.

More Anti Dengue Days (ADDs) will be held so as to cover all the 157 barangays of Calbayog. The July 23 & 24 ADDs is an initial step which covers the carline barangays of Calbayog namely Naga, Carayman, Bagacay, Rawis, East Awang, West Awang, Aguit-itan, Balud, Central, Carmen, Payahan, Obrero, Matobato, Capoocan, San Policarpo, Trinidad, Cagsalaosao, Lonoy, Palanas, Anislag, Begaho, Oquendo, Amampacang, Tinambacan Norte and Tinambacan Sur.

As per info from the CHO, Region 8 ranked first nationwide in the number of dengue cases reported; and Calbayog City ranked 5th in Eastern Visayas.

City Health Officer Dr. Sylvia De Guzman giving the program rationale. (Photo by Joel Lagang/CTIO)

The CACO ISKOLARS leading the invocation.

Friday, July 23, 2010

DOT conducts Orientation on Tourism Statistics Data Generation

The Department of Tourism (DOT RO-8) on Thursday conducted an Orientation on Tourism Statistics Data Generation. The event was organized by the DOT in coordination with the City Government of Calbayog through the City Tourism and Information Office (CTIO).

Invited to the activity which was held at the I's Plant Restaurant were local hotel operators. It was aimed at giving local hospitality business providers the knowledge on how to accurately collect and analyze tourism-related data.

Mr. Antonio "Toto" Cinco represented DOT RO-8 Director Karina Tiopes. Mayor Reynaldo Uy was represented by CTIO Linda Calesa.

Mr. Cinco discussed the following topics:
  • Fundamental Tourism Concepts
  • Importance of Tourism Statistics
  • Tourism Situation by Numbers
  • Eastern Visayas Tourism Figures
Also in hand was Mr. Rodel Balierbare. He discussed the following topics:
  • Dealing with Supply-Side Tourism Data
  • Dealing with Demand-Side Tourism Data.
Mr. Antonio Cinco as he gave his presentation.

Mrs. Erlinda Calesa welcoming the participants.

(photos courtesy of the CTIO)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meeting para san Anti-Dengue Days Program

Guinbuhat kakulop an usa nga katitirok san magkadurudila-in nga ahensya san gubierno, mga opisyales san ciudad ug mga barangay, sugad man san mga magkadurudila-in nga mga liburan sa ciudad san Calbayog.

An katuyu-anan san nasabi nga meeting nga guin buhat sa Marju-Krisel Function Hall ug guin pangunanan ni Mayor Reynaldo Uy, mao an paghan-ay san mga detalye san guin pa-plano nga sinimana nga "Anti-Dengue Days" Program san ciudad san Calbayog.

Ini nga programa san ciudad nahimugso tungod san damu kaupay nga mga kaso san Dengue, dire la sa ciudad san Calbaygog, kundi sa bug-os nga Rehiyon 8. Atun mahihinumduman, an Rehiyon 8 mao an nanguna san mga rehiyon sa Pilipinas san pagkamay-ada pinaka damo nga "reported Dengue cases"; sugad man an Calbayog panlima sa Rehiyon 8.

Guin andam na an Executive Order No. 2 para san pagpirma san Alkalde san ciudad san Calbayog. Usa san mga magigin pitad sa sulod san Anti-Dengue Days Program mao an pagbisdita san mga empleyado labi na san City Health Office ug sugan man an mga kaapi san Tri-District Program, mga opisyales ug iba pa nga nadadabihan san mga barangay san Calbayog agud bumulig pagpuy-puy san problema san dengue.

(photos courtesy of Joel Lagang/ CTIO)

Mayor Uy voted LCP Region 8 Representative

Mayor Reynaldo Uy with some LCP officers. (Photo by Caezar Ryan Aquino)

City chief executives voted Mayor Reynaldo Uy as representative of Region 8 in the recent 9th National Election and 56th General Assembly of the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP). Both events were held at the Century Park Hotel on July 17, 2010.

Mayor Oscar Rodriguez of San Fernando, Pampanga, Mayor Enrico Echiverri of Caloocan, and Mayor Hernani Braganza of Alaminos,Pangasinan were voted President, Chairperson, and Secretary General, respectively.

As a regional representative, Mayor Uy will sit as an officer in the LCP National Executive Board (NEB) until 2013. The NEB sets the policy direction of the 122-strong organization of cities in the country.

Former LCP Secretary General and now Congressman Mel Senen Sarmiento served as the chairperson of the LCP election. (Ceazar Ryan Aquino)


Mayor Enrico Echiverrri


Mayor Paulino Salvador Leachon


Mayor Oscar Rodriguez


Mayor Evelio Leonardia


Mayor Hernani Braganza

Deputy SG for NCR

Mayor Del De Guzman

Deputy SG for Luzon

Mayor Benjamin Dy

Deputy SG for Visayas

Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog

Deputy SG for Mindanao

Mayor Sarah Duterte


Mayor Benjie Lim


Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian


Mayor Allen Singson


Mayor Dan Lim


Mayor Samuel Co


Mayor Abraham Tolentino


Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan


Mayor Herbert Bautista


Mayor Amadeo Perez IV


Mayor Angel Allan Celino


Mayor Philip Tan


Mayor Michael Farinas


Mayor Amelita Navarro


Mayor Romeo Capinpin


Mayor Joaquin Chipeco


Mayor Edward Hagedorn


Mayor Linda Gonzales


Mayor Eric Saratan


Mayor Karen Villanueva


Mayor Reynaldo Uy


Mayor Evelyn Uy


Mayor Lawrence Cruz


Mayor Rey Uy


Mayor Darlene Antonino Custodio


Mayor Florencio Bernabe


Mayor Mauricio Domogan


Mayor Ferdinand Amante Junior


Mayor Fahada Panaligan Salic


Mayor Sonia Aquino


Mayor Eric Codilla


Mayor Patrick Escalante


Mayor Cherry Akbar


Mayor Edward Hagedorn

(Photos courtesy of Ceazar Ryan Aquino)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update on the Calbayog City Hospital

Mayor Reynaldo Uy as he greeted the DOH RO-8 group which was headed by Dr. Minerva Molon.

Mayor Reynaldo Uy met with the representative of the Department of Health (DOH) RO-8 today. The meeting was held at the Marju-Krisel Function Hall immediately after the CPOC emergency meeting.

The DOH team was headed by DOH RO-8 Assistant Regional Director Dr. Minerva Molon. With her were Dr. Exuperia Sabalberino, Dr. Perla Ernacio, Mrs. Nellosa Guarda and Engr. Jasper De Veyra. Also present were the members of the Ad Hoc Committee which was formed for the Calbayog City Hospital.

Dr. Molon updated Mayor Uy and the Ad Hoc Committee members on the evaluation on the application for Certificate of Need (CON) of the Calbayog City Hospital.

Five criteria were taken into consideration.

Criteria 1. Bed to Population ratio.
For its primary catchment area, the hospital being a level 3 application will have the (Samar) province as coverage area hence it will have a catchment population of approximately 1,438,000. As of the moment 340 hospital beds are available in the primary catchment area. The number of hospital beds are distributed as follows: Samar Provincial Hospital (100 beds), Calbayog District Hospital (75 beds), Gandara (10 beds), Bassey (25 beds), Tarangnan (10 beds), St. Camillus Hospital (25 beds), Calbayog Sanitarium Hospital (15 beds) and OLPHI (80 beds)

On the other hand, 350 beds are available in the secondary catchment area (and this would be the Northern Samar area). The hospitals in the area are Allen Hospital (50 beds), Biri (25 beds), Capul (25 beds), GB Tan (50 beds), NSPH (100 beds), Gamay (25 beds), San Antonio (25 beds), San Vicente (10 beds), Catubig (25 beds), Leoncio Uy Private Hospital (15 beds).

Total inventory of hospital beds is at 735, to include the approved PTC for 50-bed Samar Doctors.

The ideal bed-to-population ratio is = 0.511, which means that the province still needs 703 beds more. Calbayog's application for 25 beds is passed the first criteria; and that applying for 50 beds would still be okey.

Criteria 2. Travel Time. At least one hour away from the nearest hospital. This was not met, with OLPHI, a level-3 hospital and St. Camillus Hospital.

Criteria 3. Accessibility. This was okeyed by the group.

Criteria 4. Strategic Location. The group visited the proposed site after the meeting at Marju-Krisel and a recommendation is forthcoming.

Criteria 5. Integration in the local hospital development plan. As of today's meeting, only the City annual Investment Plan was received by DOH RO-8.

The following recommendations were presented by the DOH group and duly noted by the Ad Hoc Committee:
  • The CON is approved, however there is a need to look into the clustering of the private hospitals in the proposed site.
  • The possibility of the proposed hospital becoming a dumping ground of "indigent cases" which might be rejected by the private hospitals.
  • The need for the hospital plan to be integrated in the City Development Plan for sustainability.
  • Present budget is only for the construction of the hospital physical structure. Still needed to be looked into are manpower, equipment and service capability needs which cost bigger budget.
The group's report also included the "Case Mix of patients admitted in the hospital in Cabayog City:
  1. Pneumonia
  2. Congestive Heart Failure
  3. Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease
  4. PTB
  5. AGE
  6. UTI
  7. Diabetes Mellitus
  8. Peptic Ulcer Diseases
  9. PUFT
  10. Bronchial Ashma
Mayor Reynaldo Uy with DOH RO-8 Assistant Regional Director Dr. Minerva Molon.

(l-r) Mrs. Nellosa Guarda, Engr. Jasper De Veyra, Dr. Perla Ernocia, Dr. Exuperia Sabalbarino and Dr. Minerva Molon.

The Calbayog Hospital Ad Hoc Committee Members (l-r) Dr. Sylvia De Guzman (CHO), Engr. Gil Lentejas (CPDO), Mrs. Geronides Mancol (CBO), Mr. Jessie Montealto (CAO) and Atty. Oscar Hugo (CEO).

The group as they visited the proposed hospital site along the national highway in Sitio Talahib.

Mayor Uy with Dr. Molon.